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junio 19, 2022

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The impact of information and communication technologies and the penetration of the Internet in developed countries has led the media, among other organizations, to focus their business strategies on the possibilities offered by the network for the creation of new services and products.

The library of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra ( has created, for its students, an alert service for new acquisitions, which makes it possible to personalize the user’s profile with options such as: choosing a subject or a range of topographic symbols to receive only the news related to the selection; choosing the periodicity of reception or the location from which the user wishes to receive the news; temporary deactivation of the service, and also, notification for the annual renewal of the alert service.

The term personalization1 i attempts to bring the interests and needs of the user, the demand, closer to the offer of products and/or services. Alfons Cornella2 treats the concept of personalization as the result of establishing a dialogue with the customer in order to offer a better service. He presents two interpretations of the concept:

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Art. 11 LOPDGDD: Responsible: LABORATORIO STADA, SLU. Purposes of processing: To allow the electronic sending of communications on information about our products or services and access to services that may be of interest to the user. Exercise of rights at More info

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For a long time, the effects that metabolic disorders could have on the central nervous system were ignored. During the 1950s, the consequences of diabetes mellitus on brain function began to be studied, and it was observed that this organ is also affected by hyperglycemia, which causes behavioral and cognitive alterations. Much more recently, its effects on sensory systems have been explored.

It has now been recognized that not only diabetes mellitus, but other metabolic disorders, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, produce alterations in the central nervous system. Despite this, one of the topics that has been neglected in the literature is how these pathologies may be related to a malfunction of the sensory systems, among which the most ignored has been olfaction.

The objective of this work was to review the current panorama of the specialized literature on the relationship between obesity and metabolic syndrome and olfaction. Our study covers the definitions and diagnostic criteria of these pathologies, the animal models to study them and the works that from a clinical and preclinical point of view have explored the subject. Finally, we close by mentioning some of the mechanisms that have been proposed to be involved in the modulation of olfactory perception in obese subjects or those with metabolic syndrome.

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In a few weeks the Congress will discuss the bill on electronic voting, a topic deliberately installed in the Argentine society. In this new investigation by El Disenso we show you how the security of the election would be exposed to foreign states and companies, what are the real interests behind the electronic voting lobby and we tell you who are the key officials to achieve the electoral reform for 2019.

Although the MSA system is advertised as 100% Argentine and «open source», the presence of closed source packages in the product of the Argentine distributor of Magic Software Enterprises means that part of the programming is of unknown origin and content and inauditable by the Argentine state; however, it cannot be guaranteed that other countries do not have access to that information.

CIPPEC was also the organizer of the event «Argentina Debate», the space of apparent neutrality where «Mauricio» and «Daniel» presented their proposals. The organization granted a space in the venue to the journalist Luís Majul, who defines himself as an independent, to organize an opinion panel on the event. In Daniel’s defense, the production invited Juan Manuel Urtubey, who that same week had conducted himself with calculated apathy when, at Mirtha’s table, Pilar Rahola ridiculed an inexperienced Karina Rabolini. The spectacle of seeing the lion of electronic voting disconcerted, defensive and intimidated by Laurita Alonso’s voracious attacks against the Nac&Pop project contributed to spoil the effects of a debate that, in itself, had turned out to be even.

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