Emplea seleccion y formacion sl

octubre 28, 2022

Vicinay Employment

At Staff Global Group we comply with the regulations. Therefore, in accordance with art.19 of the LPRL which states that «Companies must specifically guarantee the protection of workers, as well as information and training to their staff», we have decided to rely on a certification body such as Health&Safety Institute to train all our staff. We want to ensure that we comply with all epidemiological and social contact safety measures.

We have Global App, our own software for team selection and coordination. It allows us to classify staff by profiles, update instructions in real time and generate results reports, obtaining maximum efficiency in the management of activations.

Elecciones 2021 fueron limpias y libres. Conferencia

El proyecto está financiado por el fondo Erasmus+, KA2 – Cooperación para la innovación y el intercambio de buenas prácticas: KA226 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness, 2020-1-BG-01-KA226-VET-095185.

Noticias y anuncios Modernización del sistema de EFP Promoción de las competencias de los estudiantes y de la formación profesional a través de concursos de aptitudes Modernización del sistema de formación del profesorado de EFP Desarrollo de un sistema de garantía de calidad en la educación de adultos Promoción del aprendizaje permanente E-schools

Training 4 Skills in Digital Environment (T4SVEN) 2B – DIGITAL: Aprendizaje digital inclusivo para reducir el abandono prematuro de la EFP VET@HOME – Pilotaje de formaciones prácticas virtuales de artes culinarias VET Improvet: Improving Skills in Vocational Education and Training BequalApp: Benchmarking for Quality Assurance in Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning EQAVET: Puntos Nacionales de Referencia EPALE 2019. – 2020. Competencias digitales para el profesorado Habilidades en la industria del metal y la electroindustria – skillME

Beach Concept. 1st FYDE Entrepreneurs Award

Just as you have a website to sell your products and services, you need a Job Page to sell your company to candidates. Promote your employer brand on your own website and attract the best candidates!

Your company has social media followers who love your brand, have you ever thought they would love to work with you? Take advantage of the communities that your Marketing team has created: publish offers and direct your fans to your website.

You’ll reach many more candidates if you don’t always post on the same channels! Maximize your recruiting strategy by advertising your positions on the best job aggregators, specialized portals and universities.

You’re almost there, it’s the moment of truth! When the candidate visits your positions, convince him/her quickly with a tremendously irresistible job offer, with images and videos and aligned with your brand.

Now that you have convinced the candidate to sign up for your offer, you can’t lose them because of the form! Boost the conversion of your vacancies with simple, short, responsive forms integrated with their professional networks.

Emplea seleccion y formacion sl 2022

We are very conscious of the impact our work has on the lives of our candidates and the future results of our clients. That is why we focus our efforts on providing the highest level of professionalism and ethics in our daily work.

Our responsibility is to be your image in the market, so we take care of every detail to the maximum by being your partner throughout the process. Convinced of long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect, we work hand in hand with our clients and candidates in order to obtain the most successful results.

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