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Our goal is for both students and alumni to constantly improve. To achieve this, we provide you with a series of services and resources that will allow you to successfully complete your studies and improve professionally.

In IMF Smart Education’s Virtual Campus you will have at hand all the necessary resources to complete your studies successfully, available 24 hours a day so that you can train at any time.

With the Audiovisual Master Classes (AML) we give you the opportunity to attend live classes online from your computer, tablet or smartphone. A new way of understanding online and blended learning in which synergies are generated between the teacher and the students.

At IMF we take the professional future of our students very seriously, so while you are a student, we offer you a series of services to improve your employability and facilitate your insertion in the labor market.

Career counseling sessions, help in preparing your resume, the possibility of internships in companies, support for entrepreneurs … are some of the resources that you can access by being part of our Alumni Community.

Thomson reuters

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El curso ofrece una perspectiva panorámica de las distintas tareas y funciones inherentes a la gestión de la formación en línea, aportando una mirada tanto reflexiva como instrumental, que garantice buenas prácticas de formación en el marco de la perspectiva de la Educación Permanente en Salud. Clique para entrar en este cursoCategoría: HSSTutoría en un entorno de aprendizaje online (2016)Tutoría en un entorno de aprendizaje online (2016)

En el desarrollo de este curso se ha tenido en cuenta la experiencia adquirida en otros cursos desarrollados desde 2008: «Formación de Tutores en Entornos de Aprendizaje», «Diseño de Programas Educativos y Materiales Didácticos para el Aprendizaje en Entornos Virtuales», «Curso Virtual para Tutores en Inglés», desarrollado por la VCPH / OPS, y «Formación de Tutores para Propuestas Educativas Virtuales en Salud Pública», desarrollado por el nodo Argentina de la VCPH. Esta edición 2016 en inglés, se presenta como un aporte estratégico del VCPH / OPS para todas las unidades organizativas y nodos anglófonos que requieran la formación de profesionales en las áreas de diseño, coordinación y tutoría de cursos en el marco de sus proyectos de cooperación técnica.

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Good supplementary material can be the key to ensure the success of your courses and save you hours of preparation: graded readings that captivate your students, grammar books that make the task of explaining grammar much easier, materials to prepare for the DELE… We offer you all of this with the quality of Difusión and the most recognized authors.

Preparing your students for the DELE is a complex task. Difusión helps you with the most complete manuals: tips and tricks to pass the tests, hundreds of lexical and grammar activities and numerous exam models to train.

We love to meet you, face to face, in didactic days, teachers’ meetings, congresses, workshops… training activities organized by us or by other institutions where you can listen to our authors and trainers and chat with our consultants.